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“Our mission is to provide practical and effective fitness solutions that will help you achieve your wellness goals and live life to the fullest.” — Tim Skjellerup, Director of Mohawk Valley Fitness

Welcome to Mohawk Valley Fitness,

In order to help you make a decision of weather Mohawk Valley Fitness is the right fit for you (no pun intended) below is a clear explanation of what you can expect at a Mohawk Valley Fitness Class. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you and stay well!

Tim Skjellerup
Mohawk Valley Fitness

Superb Programming:

You will never come to the gym without a plan again! Mohawk Valley Fitness takes a scientific approach to programming that will help maximize fat loss and increased fitness. Constantly varied programming also makes everyday a new challenge so you never have to do the same workout twice. This approach virtually eliminates boredom and keeps you motivated and excited to come to the gym.

Professional Coaching:

The only person that wants to see you hit your fitness and weight loss goals more than your Mohawk Valley Wellness Coach, is You. Each small group class is coached by qualified, professional coaches that are passionate about seeing you succeed. When you win, we win!

No Complex Barbell Movements:

In fact there are no barbell movements at all. All workouts are programmed with basic equipment so minimal skill and instruction are needed to jump into the action.

No Complicated Gymnastics Movements:

Although we do utilize a lot of body weight movements, we do not do anything that involves you going upside down, hanging from rings a bar or a rope.

Less Instruction Time:

Due to the simple yet effective programming and basic equipment used the time needed for instruction is drastically cut down leaving…

More Workout Time:

As a result of minimal instruction and setup time, virtually the entire hour dedicated to Mohawk Valley Fitness will be utilized with workout time, with the occasional water break.


Because of the simplicity of Mohawk Valley Fitness and the less demanding on-boarding process we are able to offer this premium “boot-camp” style workout at a discounted rate pushing the value back to you the athlete.

Holistic Approach to Fitness:

Not only do we focus on physical activity but also rest, nutrition and hydration. Although rest, nutrition and hydration are all important we make a concerted effort to provide extra services for nutrition to include the following:

  • In-Body, body composition analysis (1 free monthly reading is included with your membership)
  • We Have a Designated Director of Nutritional Services
  • One on One Nutritional Coaching
  • Periodic Weight Loss Challenges

There is nothing like this community anywhere! When you surrounded by other motivated individuals that are all working towed improving their lives, you cant help but feed off of the positive energy. Not only are you getting an amazing endorphin (the brains feel good chemical) release a.k.a. exercise or runners high, form the exercise but you will also experience a supercharge of endorphins because you are working hard with a group awesome people.


Make no mistake, the workouts are HARD! As long as you bring the intensity, you will be getting some of the best workouts you have ever had. Just because we are not using barbells and other gymnastics apparatus does not mean you won’t be making sweat angels on the floor after a workout. I am speaking from personal experience.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday
7:00 am, 10:00 am

Tuesday, Thursday
4:30 pm

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In a nutshell, if getting awesome workouts with equally awesome people at an extremely reasonable price sounds like something you are interested in this is the place for you!

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