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Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition coaching is one of our most popular services. Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? Nutrition Coaching can be an add-on service or a standalone product meaning that you don’t have to be a member of CrossFit Mohawk Valley to take advantage of what we offer. 

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We offer traditional CrossFit classes that  focus on general physical preparedness. We are the only gym in the area to have two coaches on for the majority of our classes. 

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Personal training allows that true one on one coach to athlete ratio. Personal training is offered in 60 Minute blocks and in packages of sessions. These are great for anyone that needs undivided attention from a coach or is not comfortable working out around others. 

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CrossFit kids offers a scalable design to each ability level with a large emphasis on body awareness and coordination, reducing the risk of injury, improving speed and power through strength and endurance training while creating team building skills and as well as confidence in their own ability levels.

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High School Athlete Training


Our High School Athlete Program is designed to teach the basics of strength training in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes building work ethic, being consistent, and working towards getting the most out of their athletic performance.

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Specialty Programs



(Calorie Burning & Fat Reduction) – Kettlebell class is a 60 Minute class face around kettlebell training. All of our coaches are trained in Kettlebell movements and how to coach them to the beginner.

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Weightlifting Class


CrossFit Mohawk Valley Barbell Club is a USAW sanctioned club. Our number one priority is to teach proper technique in a safe and encouraging environment. We provide programming to ensure that everyone is training at the appropriate level. 

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Ahhh, rowing in the Olympics. Ballet on water. Power and grace on display with every stroke. Nothing short of inspiring. You want some of that?

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