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Your butt, buns, back side, posterior the list goes on and on. We all have an ass or more eloquently put, we all have glutes. But not all glutes are created equal my friends. 


Next time you get out of the shower, or are changing, snag a quick peek at that rear end check it out for a minute or two. Lets take a look at it from a overall health standpoint first.
There are two main things that we can discuss and it is the ratio of  muscle mass to body fat mass.
#1 Taking a look at that back side (and there is a whole lot too-high fat/low muscle) but not in a good way? Then your caboose may be sitting heavy with more body fat mass than what would be considered healthy. 
Let’s go in the other direction- you look for that tail end and you keep looking because you can’t find it! You may be suffering from lack of ass! The muscle groups that compose the glutes are LARGE muscles, but if you don’t use them or train them, then they can easily become underdeveloped. 
Understanding that maintaining a healthy balance between Body Fat Mass and Muscle Mass is extremely important. Unfortunately, it’s extremely easy to see the negative effects of having an large excess of body fat and we see it all the time as coaches. Take a simple task of walking about three flights of stairs with an extra 50-80lbs of body fat- not too much fun.
The less talked about topic is the detrimental affects of having less than adequete muscle development, and what that can do to a person.  Take what would seem to be a simple task like putting a push lawn mower into the back of a pick up truck. Now try this with 15-20lbs less muscle on your frame. 
Now don’t fret! All hope is not lost because both aliments can be corrected. Neither one is an overnight fix, but we all know that the most meaningful endeavors are not.
“So John, to fix my back side that is maybe carrying some excessive baggage in the body fat department I should probably run and eat like a bird right?”
Wrong, wrong, wrong!! Let’s start with addressing the nutrition. I am willing to bet the excess pounds came from poor nutrition, not lack of exercise. Let’s work on figuring out how much we need to be eating and have those food choices be the most nutrient dense foods we can find. While we are at it, lets toss in a healthy side of squatting and lunges as the body allows.
“What about me John, my butt look sits as flat as the Mohave Desert?!”
Like the above, lets address nutrition are we fueling ourselves correctly? In this case, eating enough to allow for new muscle developement? You can squat and lunge your life away but if you’re not eating correctly you’re missing a large piece of the puzzle. Oh ya, and while you’re at it, hit some Front Squats, Back Squats, Split Squats, Lunges for good measure.
So that was general health. Now  let’s talk about the Performance and sporting aspect of why having a well developed backside is crucial.
Take any sport that requires rapid force production: Football, Hockey, Wrestling, Weightlifting, Powerlifting etc. etc. Those top athletes will have back sides that rival Greek Gods.Your ass is your powerhouse. Small ass less power, bigger ass more power: a fairly simple equation (while maintaining appropriate body composition).
Look in any Collegiate level or any weight room, you know what you see EVERY SINGLE TIME??!!
Squat racks, squats racks as far as the eye can see!  If you want to look and perform like an athlete I suggest you squat, squat heavy, and squat often.
So in conclusion, If you want a to be healthy and have a nice ass:
#1 Get up off it and squat!
#2 Pay attention to what you eat!
This has been another episode of Johns Wednesday morning  ramblings.
As always grammar police buzz off. If you don’t agree with me that is ok everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it is wrong.

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